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Safdar Abbas Zaidi |SULTAN | New Noha | Muharram 2k20/1441
Video Info :

Noha Title | SULTAN
Reciter • Safdar Abbas Zaidi
Poet -Safdar Abbas Zaidi
Audio – SAZ Records
Video – W&T Films
Composs by | Safdar Abbas Zaidi

Ali ibn Musa al-Ridha (Arabic: عَلِيّ ٱبْن مُوسَىٰ ٱلرِّضَا‎, romanized: Alī ibn Mūsā al-Riḍā; c. 1 January 766 – 6 June 818)[2], also spelled Rida or Reza in Persian, also known as Abu al-Hasan, was a descendant of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, and the eighth Shia Imam, after his father Musa al-Kadhim, and before his son Muhammad al-Jawad. He was an Imam of knowledge according to the Zaydi (Fiver) Shia school and Sufis. He lived in a period when Abbasid caliphs were facing numerous difficulties, the most important of which was Shia revolts. The Caliph Al-Ma’mun sought out a remedy for this problem by appointing Al-Ridha as his successor, through whom he could be involved in worldly affairs. However, according to the Shia view, when Al-Ma’mun saw that the Imam gained even more popularity, he decided to correct his mistake by poisoning him. The Imam was buried at the Imam Reza shrine in a city in Khorasan, which afterwards gained the name Mashhad, meaning “the place of martyrdom”.[4][5]
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Safdar Abbas Zaidi – famous Noha & Manqabat Khuwan of Pakistan and live in Karachi.
Safdar Abbas Zaidi almost 20 years going to reciting Noha, Manqabat & Naat.
Safdar Abbas Zaidi is legend Noha Khuwan and his famous Noha of below are:

1-Dariya Kinare
2-Sajjad Mein Zainab Ho
3-Sakina Utho Meri Jan Utho
4-Abi Hum Zinda Hain
5-Karbala Mera Watan
6-Ali Ali Akbar Ali Ali (Farsi)

Copyright prohibited ⓒ – Safdar Abbas Zaidi

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