Ali Hamza | Dunya Say Yun Rasool Ki Jaayi Chali Gayi (Official Video) | Noha 2020

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Ali Hamza | Dunya Say Yun Rasool Ki Jaayi Chali Gayi (Official Video) | Noha 2020
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Ali Hamza new Noha 2020 “Duniya se Yun Rasool SAW ki Jaayi Chali Gai” Ali Hamza Nohay have always been bringing out the true emotions and the importance of the unforgettable sacrifices of Imam Hussain and Mola Ali along with the whole family of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Waqai Karbala happened and made the universe shed its tears. Mourning was done then and mourning is done now and will be observed till Qayamat. Ali Hamza has recited in his post passionate form and one can truly observe how truly devoted he is. Hear out more of his Nohay and also Ali Hamza Qassida s , only on his official YouTube channel.
Compose by : Ustad Nazakat Ali Khan
Kalam: Allama Ghulam Muhammad zaki
Album : 2020
Recordist : Masroor Ul Hassan
Mixed : ODS – Karachi
DOP : Umair Amin
DIR and EDIT : DR Mirza Amais Amin
Media Partner : MobiTising (0301-8222794)
Video : AR Studio FSD

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