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Terms and Conditions

Description of the Specific Terms used in this Document

  • ‘Company’ refers to Shabi-e-Masoomeen
  • ‘Website’ refers
  • ‘Customers and Visitors’ include an individual, group of individuals, corporations, enterprises or anyone who utilizes the products and services offered or visits the website of Shabi-e-Masoomeen
  • ‘Products’ include all those items that are offered by the company
  • ‘Services’ include all the dealings and efforts made by the company in fulfilling and delivering the placed order

Terms and Condition– Shabi-e-Masoomeen

This document contains expression and legally binding deed that rules the terms and conditions imposed upon all dealing undertaken between the company and its customers. It binds the visitors or customers of the website in terms of visiting website, placing orders, receiving goods and services offered by the company.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Every time when a statement of order acceptance is sent to customer after placing an order, the order will be deemed to be accepted by the company. Agreement between the customer and company will be applicable as soon as the customer receives the receipt for payment and makes the payment for the order.


It is expressed that customers have accepted all the risks associated with the use of products and service of the company and agreed to protect the company with respect to all compensations, demands, responsibilities and costs.

Liability and Warranty Disclaimer

Though company has exercised the complete assurance regarding the completeness and wholeness of the goods and services, yet it does not hold any liability and warranty that the products and services offered by them will be error-free. Up-to-date contents and offers will be modified from time to time for the improvement.

Privacy Policy

This is the legal document enclosing the privacy policy of Shabi-e-Masoomeen. This document contains the ways adopted by company in gathering and utilizing the information of customers, methods adopted in the implementation of the security and confidentiality of information, and regulations in the context of transfer of title of goods delivered.

Policy Demonstrating Title of Goods

Company defines goods as all the products, materials and services offered by Shabi-e-Masoomeen to the customers. The transfer of title of the goods will be made upon receiving the complete payment and fulfilling the formalities associated with the placed order.

Collection and Usage of Information

Personal information of the customers including names, contact information, mailing address, credit card details and all other data that is gathered for processing and fulfilling the order will not be used for any other purpose or transferred to any other party excluding certain situations in which law requires us to do in good faith.

Use of Cookies

Tracking the total ratio of the visitors at website will help in the improvement of the website. The gathering of non-personal information includes types of browser, names of the linked domain and type of operating system. For this purpose, appropriate cookie technology will be used to make enhancement in our visitors’ experience.

Protection of Information

Company uses secure server to make encryption of your data prior to transfer the same to us in order to protect them from any harm and unauthorized accessibility over internet. The use of secure software server (SSL) will enhance the protection of the valuable information.

Notifications with Respect to Updating and Modification of Policy

The stated privacy policy can be amended whenever a change is required in the existing policy. Therefore, all concerned individuals dealing with the company from anywhere must consider the updated privacy policy of the company and remain up-to-date, as company will be notifying the changes on the page.

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