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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do the products offered by you contain authentic facts and information related to the lives of the Fourteen Masoomeen (a.s)?

    We extremely assure that the items provided to you contain the relevant data and information about the lives of the Fourteen Masoomeen (a.s) and for this purpose, only authorized sources are used.

  • How long will it take to deliver my goods by the company?

    At Shabi-e-Masoomeen, we ensure to deliver all your orders on time, however, with certain exceptions. For the orders of personalized items and products offered at Shabi-e-Masoomeen, we require having specific time duration, as personalized or customized products may take longer than usual time. As far as destination is concerned, we have caliber to deliver your order at any awkward destination according to your specification.

  • What is the use of My Cart option?

    My cart option helps you in keeping the record of the chosen products purchased by you from our website and further provides an opportunity to make addition, deletion, editing in the list of chosen items.

  • What are the available destinations of the Shabi-e-Masoomeen?

    Shabi-e-Masoomeen is available to the global customers all across the world in order to serve them with the desired products in easily accessible range only through online sources.

  • How can I place an order at your website?

    An order can be placed any time by clicking the Order tab on the header of the home page of Shabi-e-Masoomeen. It will display a form that you will be required to fill out for placing an order.

  • What is the procedure for tracking order at Shabi-e-Masoomeen?

    As soon as the order is confirmed, you will receive a tracking id and order number that can be subsequently used to track the order.

  • Will there be any benefit in becoming the member of the Shabi-e-Masoomeen?

    The company in dispersing electronic mails containing newsletters, upcoming special offers, and information about our latest products benefits members.

  • What is the procedure for transition of products by your company?

    The order is delivered to the customer at the address specified by the customer as soon as it is confirmed upon receiving the full payment. Customer upon receiving the products confirms the delivery. However, in case of wrong address delivery, all the risk and responsibility will be of the customers and company will not be held liable.

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