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About Us

Shabi-e-Masoomeen is a registered organization established for promoting and spreading Islam through teachings and philosophies presented by the Fourteen Masoomeen (a.s.). The development in the technological advancement and access to innovation has motivated us to introduce true essence of Islam and its teachings all across the world in this era. We have viewed that in most of developing and developed countries, people are unable to access to valuable teachings and symbols representing the high-status and esteemed personalities of the Islam. Therefore, they face difficulty in celebrating the Islamic occasions like Eid, Ramadan and wilaadat as well as showing sorrows and mourning in the month of Muharram, for shahadat and wafaat of their dignitary Fourteen Masoomeen (a.s). The reason behind this difficulty is the absence of resources on online media that can support them in reaching and ordering the desired products. We realize the troubles of the Muslims specifically Shia Muslims, lovers of Fourteen Masoomeen (a.s), living in non-Muslim countries and western part of the world. We made it easy for them to access the desired piece of learning from the bulk of knowledge taught to us by Fourteen Masoomeen (a.s) in the form of books, duas, CDs, and so on, or to access the emblems and symbols associated with them.

Since 2011, our range of products have increased including Alams, Panja, Patka, Zarih, Sword, Arrow (Theer), Zewar, Mashaq, Jhula, Taboot, Ship (Kashti), Taj, religious Books, CDs, DVDs, Cassettes, Frames, Banners, Alam Cloths, Tabut Covers, Imam Zamin and Gemstones. Apart from the delivery of mentioned items at customers’ doorstep, we also deliver home and Imam Bargah packages after formulating it according to the desires and requirements of our customers. Shabi-e-Masoomeen is the final destination for all those who want whether to celebrate or show their sorrow for the occasions associated with Fourteen Masoomeen (a.s) and their lives’ events by wearing their personality icons or through placing these in their houses, mahafils and Imam Bargahs. Customers can also find ultimate solutions related to the distribution gifts they are planning to hand out to visitors attending the Islamic occasions, including majalis and milad arranged by them.

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